So the verdict from the eye specialist is...Dry Eye! Since we got Daisy in November, she's had gross mucus in her eyes consistently. My vet said it was that issue where her eyelashes grown downward and irritate the eye and to just continually clean the mucus away. Well, after months of dealing with it, Daisy getting irritated that we're constantly bothering her eyes and the disgusting smell from the mucus that we just couldn't handle anymore, we decided to head to a specialis ... t. He said there's no issue with her eyelashes. She just doesn't produce tears which causes irritation from dry eye, which gives way to mucus, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Going to get started on a variety of eye drops and oils plus cephalexin just to ward off any infection that may be going on internally. After everything has cleared up, she will likely be on some type of eye drop for the rest of her life. I think we can deal with that. So glad to finally have answers and that Daisy won't have to deal with the mucus anymore! two piece items to wear in the formal occasions

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