Hi Ladies,Our Women’s Guild is growing! We had 55 ladies in attendance at Wednesday’s meeting that was held in Clairvaux Hall. It was wonderful to see so many women from St. Bernard’s join us. We are happy to announce the following new members: Linda Johnson, Polly Kelly, Eileen Schilken, Margo Fittpaldo, Kathy DeRose, Babette Bachorski, and Cheri Acrey. We have a total of 12 new members who have joined at the last two meetings.Just a reminder that the “Living Rosary” will be held on Tuesday, October 15th at 7:00 PM in the Our Lady of Grace Church. The Respect Life Committee hopes to have enough people attend so that there is a person to pray each bead of the Rosary. It’s a beautiful service. Please attend if you can.Our next meeting will be held at Our Lady of Grace on Wednesday, November 6th. This will be our last meeting until next March. We are going to set the mood for the Holidays with a Cocktail Party so wear your little black dress or something with some sparkle and join us for an evening of fun and fellowship.The Minutes from our meeting held on Wednesday, October 9th are below~~ Terri DeFilippis Pawol ~~
MINUTES OF THE WOMEN’S GUILD MEETINGOF OCTOBER 9, 2019Co-President Terri Pawol opened the meeting by welcoming Guild members & guests. The opening prayer was read.55 women were in attendance.Co-President Sue Zuk took over the business part of the meeting. THANK YOU: *To our hospitality chairwoman, Gina Thomas and her committee, Tisha Bridges, Cathy Torchia, Maryann Jordan, Margie Prince and Tom Torchia for the beautiful setup and refreshments for tonight’s meeting.*To all who contributed Gift Cards, Lottery Tickets or cash to our Watchful Shephard gift basket, and to Michelle Mazzarini for coordinating the basket. OFFICERS REPORTS: *Treasurer: Debbie Meta reported that there were no significant expenditures last month. $396.64 was the amount given to St. Vincent de Paul for school family shopping.*Membership: Gigi Higie reported 5 new members from last month: Alene Caughey, Melissa Dreger, Kim Harris, Judy Helbling and Betty Meiser. Five others intend to join this month. Total number of paid members is 75. Dues will be collected in January for the 2020 year. Anyone who paid in the last quarter of 2019 will be paid through the end of 2020.To develop an interest in Membership, Sue Zuk explained the mission of the Guild and why it is beneficial to join, going over past programs and projects and what the Guild has donated to our parish and school.*Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Brown reported that no illnesses or deaths occurred in the last month. Cards were sent to Father Dave, Father Ben and Father Tom to celebrate clergy appreciation month. OLD/NEW BUSINESS: *The annual women’s retreat – Marion Kakitsis and Polly Kelly – Being held at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center November 1-3. It is also an option to come just for the day, Saturday November 2nd.*October is Respect Life Month and Mary Jane Waymire and Gerri Barnes reported on the activities planned for the Respect Life Committee.Saturday October 12- Rosary at Broniak and Kraf at noon. This is a nationwide event with thousands saying the rosary together.Sunday October 13- pray to end abortions at Planned Parenthood on Liberty Ave. from 11am-3.Tuesday October 15- The living rosary at 7pm at OLG in the sanctuary.Baby Bottle Campaign to support the bus trip to the March for Life. The March for Life trip is Friday January 24th.*OLG is switching to permanent hymnals to save money. A motion was proposed by Gerri Barnes to donate hymnals to the Parish at the cost of $25 a piece. Motion was seconded by Stella Szafranski. Motion passed. It was decided to donate 20 hymnals at total cost of $500.*Volunteers are needed to help at donut social October 20th after the 9:30 and 11:30 masses. Please contact Terri if you are able to help. two piece cocktail dresses REMINDERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS *Remember to save hotel-sized toiletries*Let Kathy Brown, Terri or Sue know if you hear of any member who is ill, had surgery or death in the family, etc., so we can send a card.*October is clergy appreciation month. Emily’s Hallmark has a nice selection of cards.*Happy Birthday was sung in honor of Chris Lazarchek (10-9) and Bernie Egg(10-10) along with the other October celebrants. SPEAKER Father Mike Ackerman, currently the director of the Office for Priestly Vocations, Chaplain to the Serra Club and Chaplain to Catholic Scouting gave a talk titled, MARY: Guide and Gateway to Christ. He gave four keys to Mary’s interior life that kept her close to Christ and draws us close to Christ. 1) Abandonment, 2) Humility, 3) Obedience, 4) Hope. NEXT MEETING November 6th- Christmas Cocktail Party- wear a little black dress or something sparkly and bring either an idea for a cocktail, hors d’oeuvres, centerpiece, or activity that you would like to share. CLOSING PRAYER Respectfully submitted,Lauri Henry, Recording Secretary