Luke and I just started reading Beezus and Ramona. He LOVES the book just as much as I do. (Coincidentally, there was a special on Beverly Cleary tonight on our local public tv station.) Reading the book brings back memories of my beloved 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Heidi Wimmer, at Kilbuck School in Bethel, AK, who must have read the entire Ramona series to us in 3rd grade.

I will always remember you, Ms. Wimmer! I remember that you loved the Wizard of Oz, and you taught us how t ... o skip like Dorothy alongside Hoffman Way on trash clean-up day. I remember that you held a class vote for President of the United States and taught us that our vote was very important (I voted for Carter). I remember that you picked me up at my house so I could take you ice fishing on the Kuskokwim River, though we didn't catch any fish and the ice popped and cracked because it was spring. I remember making cookies with you at your house in teacher housing (were they peanut butter??) and watched you dance with your boyfriend in the kitchen (who was mad for you). I remember that you taught us the difference between Mrs., Miss, and Ms. and how unjust it was that men only need Mr. I remember that you found unkindness intolerable and stood up for those who needed protection. silver and grey wears for prom party

You were beautiful, smart, strong and brave, just like Ramona!

I loved you, and still do, Ms. Wimmer, and think of you with every page I read of the charming and hilarious misadventures of Ramona to my little son.


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