The following statement is not looking for your fucking approval- so I've been seeing these stupid fucking videos on how to give yourself a homemade tattoo or how to pierce your nose at home. Now I find this to be absolutely hilarious. Now the first and foremost reason is because I did all this shit long before the internet told me I could. Second reason is you pussy snowflake mother fuckers need these videos to do shit.
In 5th grade I shoved a needle through my earlobe ... followed it with jewelry. Wow! Kept doing it for years after like nothing. Rebel! Lmao! At around 14-15 I started tattooing myself, a needle and a bottle of India ink and put and old school hoodlum cross on my finger. Out of control! Did several other little tattoos on me self just like that. At 16 on two separate occasions I pierced both of my nostrils. Guess what happened next...... we learned how to make our own jailhouse tattoo guns, stupid yes but fun. Several homemade tattoos later I pierced my dick myself. Whatever! I honestly regret very little of the shit that I've done and today this is what I'm looking back on and laughing. Either way we all die someday. Got little time for regrets. red colored items to wear that looks still sexy

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