A squat is a body-weight exercise, or calisthenic, that primarily engages your quadriceps and hamstrings. Vigorous calisthenics, like squats, burn approximately 7 calories per minute of exercise. Although this is a useful standard, the number of calories burned doing squats can vary with your weight, sex and age.

The rate of approximately 7 calories per minute for vigorous calisthenics is based upon a 154-pound person, the American Heart Association reports. A person w ... eighing more may burn more than 7 calories per minute doing squats, while a person weighing less than 154 pounds may burn less.

Burning approximately 7 calories per minute of squats is a general standard for females aged 20 to 40 and males aged 30 to 50. This calculation is partially dependent on the perceived intensity level experienced by individuals in these age ranges. Older or younger individuals may find squats more or less intense, respectively. petite mother of the bride or groom dresses short

Article reviewed by Will McCahill Last updated on: Nov 22, 2010

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