In my quest to be successful, to be ambitious, I don't wish to lose the touch of living in the process - to become less serious, to tickle someone, to dance on the road when the music is quite irresistible, to run in the rain just to feel it and pretend I was beaten by it. The process has all things the future doesn't posses, a movement that's rich. In short, there is no such place as the future, for the future is a process and I'd I can't feel it then I can't feel the future petite items to wear of the formal occasions ... .

Lord enable me forgive, smile and enjoy the air I breathe for free. Enable me watch the sunrise and and the sunset with such fulfilment that though I can't afford a drink while watching it, I'm not better than a lot of people out there who may wish to have a glimpse of my imperfection too.

May this day be blessed as you give us a bonanza of breathing again.
Good morning world.

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