?? "Thank you Babocush, my little prem baby born at 31+6 weeks has extremely severe reflux, we have been in NICU for 8 weeks so far. Now that she is out of an incubator and in to a cot we are able to use the cushion- luckily the babocush fits perfectly inside the cot and is able to give her some relief during and after her feeds. Her oxygen levels are always maintained at 100% when using the babocush too- it has been a god send for us! Thank you". mother of the bride or groom dresses with jackets

???? It’s never pleasant when ... babies suffer from reflux, but when your baby is premature as well it just adds more anxiety to an already stressful situation. Polly was born early and suffers from extremely severe reflux, and has been staying in Neonatal ICU at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, Wales.

???? Thankfully, little Polly’s mum, Kate, had her Babocush on hand to help Polly’s reflux problems after feeding, and even better, it fits perfectly inside her cot in the hospital. The Babocush not only provides some much-needed relief after feeds, but Polly’s oxygen levels are always maintained at 100% when using her Babocush - her mum say it’s been an absolute god send, and the nursing staff at the hospital are very impressed with it too.

We hope little Polly is well enough to go home soon where she can keep using her Babocush.

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