What exactly happened in Charlottesville? Several people invited me to go along. I was not optimistic. The Left-Wing media have had a field day, especially with the fact that Trump isn't (yet) participating in the show of condemnation for White Supremacists.... BUT WHY are White Supremacists playing into the hands of the liberals by dressing as Klansmen and Nazis and using slogans that evoke those eras?

The problem is one of choice of language and symbolic expression.... People rally around what they know, if they rally at all, and because of LEFTIST propaganda, all that most people know about the traditions of White Supremacy are the KKK and the Nazis---the left even chooses and frames our language and symbolic expression for us. That is the tragedy....

I would prefer to call myself a Traditional (Jacksonian) Southern Democrat, a Jeffersonian Democratic-Republican, or just an old-Fashioned Confederate (never a "Neo-Confederate"---sounds like "Neon") .... But as late as the Watergate hearings in the 1970s, it was still the SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS in Congress who were the forefront of White Resistance to Integration. Why don't White Resisters try to retake the Democratic Party, or at least the name and heritage of the Democratic Party?

But when I try to explain all this, nobody understands. The level of historical awareness is so low among young people that very few Whites even fully understand what happened in the 1940s and 50s. What was the first "modern" Civil Rights Act of 1948 about? [Answer, mostly about "lynching"---i.e. public non-institutional but public capital trials and execution of sentences of death "by the consent of the governed"].

So, how and why was lynching outlawed? How did lynching operate and why did lynching exist in the first place? [Answer: most rural communities and small towns did not have effective police forces up through the 1950s and even into the 60s, so the people were responsible for their own safety and security, and lawyers were very expensive for everybody]. Do most people know that President Harry Truman was absolutely AGAINST the Civil Rights Act of 1948 but was coerced into signing it? Harry Truman said that the use of institutional courts vs. popular justice was a "POLITICAL QUESTION" in which the Federal Government should not intervene.... modern evening dresses

What was the Southern Manifesto? For instance---(Answer: it was a document [drafted by Southern Democratic Senators, almost unanimously except for Al Gore's father from Tennessee and Lyndon B. Johnson from Texas] attacking Desegregation on Constitutional and Historical grounds].). Who was George Corley Wallace? Who was Strom Thurmond? Who was Orval Faubus? Who was Lester Maddox? Almost NOBODY knows the answer to most these questions.