I eventually accepted my counselor's challenge to 'sit with the pain' and embrace this new expression of my love for my daughter Lissie, and when I wanted to hold her more than anything, I would cling tightly to her locks of hair beautifully and eternally kept in a locket made by Melanie Fogarty at Beyond the Willow Tree. When there are so few memories or tangible things to hold in their place, this locket allowed me to carry her with me forever, in a very special way. Melani long floor length evening selections in black ... e personally sits with each piece (whether it's hair, ashes, dried flowers etc) and honours them, and it was so nice to know that she held my daughter as I did, and loved and honoured her as I do. I am shamelessly sharing the amazing work she does, for you to take up the opportunity to make your own special piece that you can sit with, or gift one to someone you know who would treasure the same.


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