h ello, I'm 15 and I've been concerned about my or
is size for a while. I'm 3" flaccid and 4" hard. I
also have an extremely tight foreskin and can't
even get the foreskin half way down the head of
my penis. I also have white spots on the outside ...
of my foreskin.. I'm a virgin so it's not an STI. It
just seems like problem after a problem, I want to
have sex so badly but I'm scared my partner will
laugh or something. Please don't try and boost
my confidence because it's not gonna happen.. I
just want advice on how to increase my penis size
and loosen my foreskin. I have a high voice and
don't really grow facial hair except above my lips,
I think I may have low tester one levels. If so, if I lattest chic prom garment for plus size ladies
was to seek medical help etc would taking
testerone or HGH and stuff like that increase my
size? Some forums say no but some say maybe
and yes as I'm still going through puberty. This
makes my sex life impossible and I've often
thought about ending my life, all I want is a bigger
penis so I can have sex with my partner.. Even an
inch more flaccid and an inch or two more when
hard would make an INCREDIBLE difference.
Please help.

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