Jeremy why do you slaughter such a young small goat to feed your dogs? Can't you let the goat grow into a bigger goat so your dogs could have more than a Scooby snack in one night? And why don't you keep the goats for milk, and for your family to eat, and go out and fish for some food for your dogs? Or maybe trade some of your wood for some dog chow? Or better yet get your buns out there and maybe do some work in trade for dog food? Killing a small goat like that to feed your dogs is going to take up your entire herd when I thought the goats are for your family to eat?? Or how about hunting for a deer for the dogs? I know the rhetoric, I'm just a lower 48 nobody that has no idea of what it's like to live there, but your the 1st Alaskan I've ever seen killing your young kids for dog food?? latest chic wedding collections at affordable price