This Homoeopathic product is safe to help support in relief of the symptoms of estrogen deficiency, estrogen excess, bloated feeling in the lower abdomen and the breasts, headache, suprapubic cramping, backache, pain radiating down to anterior thigh, nausea and vomiting, occasionally symptoms of diarrhoea, fainting feelings. Early, heavy and prolonged menstruation. Pain in the lower abdomen and sometimes at the menstrual periods. The complain of dysmenorrhoea is very common a ... nd may be due to various causes. Menses are early, heavy and prolonged, violent pain extending from the sacrum to the pubic like false labour pains. Continues discharge of blackish brown blood, severe pain which causes the patient to feel as if the pelvic bones are broken. Spasmodic intermittent pain, cramp like pain, tendency to faint and collapse. Pain with primary dysmenorrhoea usually starts within 24 hours of menses and may last for 48-72 hours. In secondary dysmenorrhoea the patient may have onset of pain a week or more prior to the onset of menses and pain may continue for few days after cessation of flow. high low asymmetrical wedding selections
Adult: 10-15 drops, Teenagers: Half of the same, 3-4 times a day in some water.
30mL drops standard quality packing.
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