We need to get a dictionary for these doctors! Can't tell you how many messages our organization receives that go like: "My doctor promised he wouldn't retract my son, but then pulled his foreskin back and told me I need to do this 'just a little' when cleaning."

We can't say this enough: There is no reason during cleaning or routine checks to pull a young child's foreskin back. Not even just a little bit. There is no reason to check it to see how tight it is, or to visualiz ... e the urinary meatus. In fact doing so can cause harm. The best course of action with a young child's intact penis is to leave it alone, only clean the outside, and allow your son to be the one who naturally works on loosening the foreskin in his own due time through play. There is no need to rush the process. floral printed style wears for bridesmaid

If your child is one of the few that does have a naturally retractable foreskin while he is still in diapers, there is still no need to pull it back for cleaning or doctor visits. A soak and swish in clean, soap-free water should sufficiently dissolve and rinse away debris.

Any questions? Just ask! We are here to help. :)

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