We are so close to 1000 people in here and long over 500 on Instagam - it's crazy! I never thought that my little page would reach that many followers in such a short time. It's great to see that so many people are interested in the vegan approach to the low carb high fat eating style. empire style wedding wears with high waist

Because of the great interest, I think it's about time that I share some info with you about the person behind the page. :-)

My name is Henriette, I am 38 years old and I'm from Denmark (where ... it's snowing like crazy right now). I'm married, have two beautiful rescue cats and I have been vegan for 11 years.

Before going vegan, I suffered from headaches, asthma and dustmite allergy. All of that went away when I ditched the animal products, so for 11 years I have been medicine free.

For many years I was a high carb low fat vegan, but since 2015 I have experimented with and learned a lot about the low carb high fat way of eating (vegan style!) and I have come to realise that fat is my friend.

In my next post, I will share with you the results I have gotten while eating LCHF vegan. :-)

If any of you wish to share where you are coming from and for how long you have been interested in eating LCHF vegan, I would love to know. :-)

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