Ok so my knee x-ray says I'm having complications from an old injury. I've never had any damage to my knee of any kind. It does pop alot and feels like the joint is grinding bone on bone especially if I squat for something and come back up. Now the other problem is at night if I sleep on my right side I wake up in the middle of my sleep and my knee feels like it's in a bind wanting to bend horizontal and I can't get off my side because I can't lift my knee. I have to physical ... ly lift it with my hands or drag it just to turn off my side. I guess it would make since looking at the pics that it hurts to use the muscle. I'd like to know what this old injury is. Now on my first visit the Dr said he didn't think this was the cause of my pain and in his words said " I want an MRI because I think it's in the bone" ok so I got the injection which was 50/50 worked good for 4 days and after that it worked off n on. That was months ago.so I go back for review n he don't do a damn thing. He said since the injection seemed to help he's not gonna worry about it just yet. He said when it start trying to lock up n bad popping and r grinding feeling then he do something. Ok people that's the reason I went in. It also feels a little lose because sometimes my knee is wobbly horizontally. He also told me it had a bit of wear and tear but in his thought it wasn't what was causing pain. So any ideas anyone dress below the knee tea length

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