So I didn't get a lot of answers, but I did get more than what I did Monday. I started hurting and bleeding a lot more so I went to the hospital and got more blood work and another ultrasound done. Monday I had an ultrasound and there was nothing on the ultrasound... I've been having miscarriage symptoms so I just assumed I was having a miscarriage. Well I was supposed to go get blood work done at the OBGYN office and they told me to go to the hospital. I got blood work done ... and my hcg hormones are still rising, they got a positive pregnancy test, but the ultrasound was confusing... the doctors don't know much yet. They didn't rule out ectopic pregnancy, but they actually saw a sac that looks like it's trying to form in the uterus. The doctor said he doesn't know where the pregnancy is taking place in my body yet and he can't explain the horrible bleeding. I go back to the doctor Friday to hopefully get more answers. I'm still on bed rest. I'm so confused, but God has a plan. Prayers are very much appreciated! crop top items to wear of the wedding

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