I had this cool friend,so cool than any person around,we could chat until midnight, whenever one woke up in the middle of the night,he/I could poke the other.Atimes I could flash him ya kumuamsha kwa usingizi.Hio kuflash ya kuchoma simu.Its annoying right? especially when you are in a deep sleep.
We could get mad at each other for some minutes but then decide typing all the Emojis on WhatsApp to one another.His company was the coolest.I even remember us video calling and pretending to be talking in a language we don't know.This friendship ilkua ile tight Kama couples mwitu wenye wamekataliana.With him I was sure of lunch dates,some good work outs etc.But he was just a friend
One day,We decided to visit each other, Derrick decided to send me fare to visit him.I wasn't for the deal but I just had to,I never wanted to break our friendship because whatever I asked he did it willingly..
I couldn't imagine my day without Derrick's texts.whenever I went silent or him,he could text."Last seen .....(the time I was last on WhatsApp or him)" Followed by Many texts to nag me or vice versa.
Derrick,would make me feel good besides Bae,you all know that one friend who is always there for you.
I decided to do some one two three and left to the bathroom for preparation.
I made sure I was at my best and I was good to go..
It was an sleep over and so I chose the best outfits,the best panties and the best shoes too..I had to bid my house good bye as I left to the booking office..(Meanwhile as we wait for part 3,Like a page Called SHOWY FASHIONS. Please.)
Part 3
I was at the booking office but alas! People had booked and no cars were around so you were just given a letter for the car you were to get in.I remember being given Letter J.meaning the car I was to wait wasn't near.I was bored,I couldn't wait to be at Derrick's place,.
Hey,I signaled one of those working at the booking office,.
Hizi gari ziko mbali? I asked
No,madam Ni jam tu but zko karibu..Zmefatana tu.
Hope hatutangoja till late?
Si saana he said as he walked to meet one customer.
I was to exercise patience in this now.I waited for almost 15minutes but I was becoming impatient..At what time will I be at Derrick's place and it's almost 6.pm..The journey to Derrick's place took 2hrs and at most 15 minutes but I roughly estimated to 2hrs30minutes.
Nisongee tukae pliz,I requested one lady who was seated as if she owned the seats around..
Alisonga ile design hataki nikae but me nami Ni Nani?I pretended to be soooo hippy so I sat ile ya kumfinya until she moved
Time was elapsing and there were no letter J vehicle.
Was I to go back?but I had no intentions of going back to that house..
I woke up and made some steps,to the other side of the road. A white car slowed down and kio ikateremshwa..I was not interested but he kept hooting..
Hello madam? kidogo tu..
I stood by far and there was this pum pum man,amejaa kwa kiti si mchezo.
Hello too
Where is posta from here?I gave him the directions and left,again he called but this time I just left.. going to the direction I was heading to, I saw a vehicle heading to Derrick's place only two seats remaining,I had to pay again because I would be late with car J.
I went back to the booking office pleaded with them wanirudishie pesa,they had refused but later gave me,I made my way to the other side and found walkua wamengojea,..it was 6.34..i boarded and we left
Hi Derrick
Hi too Shein
IAM coming
Cool,I can't wait to see you stubborn gal
Hahaha narudi huko,I joked..
Please don't...
Part 5
The journey was cool but then it started raining..I had to slide and sleep.i slept like a baby, only to wake up just near the destination,Aki ningepitishwa.But thank God,I woke up earlier..
I later alighted,my phone had several missed calls and messages,it was Derrick informing me nishukie mbele woi!kiherehere yangu nkashukia place ingine..I had to call him and ask for directions..it's 9pm and I had to be fast.so I called msee wa dhuthi alkua happy and he took me to the meeting point with 100bob.what a waste of money!ningeangalia simu tu mapema but usingizi nayo Ni Tamu.. bridal shower gowns
Trying to call Derrick,he was a mteja..
I tried calling again,the number wasn't going through...
Nkashuka na kusmama karibu na mpesa flani Apo n kando yake was a mini Kempinski Yani kibandaski .. at least people were around and I had to stand there trying to call n kujifanya natext.
But at least I had carried extra money,if ange malasya,I could just sleep in a guest house and go back to my house the next day..
I texted him and it didn't deliver!what is all these now!
Now I called one of my friends so as anikeep busy nkiona ka Derrick atatokea..
Just as I was still busy on my phone, somebody grabbed my phone and as I was almost making a wail.He covered my mouth..Oh nooo!
Silly you!!! Derrick held me tight,This games za bff's nazo!
I almost soiled my clothes..
Derrick!! Ngoja tu!
He held me tight ju i was scared to my nerves
After that ka moment, Derrick took my handbag and carried it for me as we walked to his house
.His place was not far from where I was,so we walked with no hurry to the house.All this time figuring what I will do too to scare him.we walked kiasi and here we were,at this beautiful gate,a beautiful compound too
We were at his door step and again Derrick made me a fool sema kutafuta key!kumbe ameficha kwa socks!we made our way to the house he rushed,kwa kitchen,heated water for me as he showered cold water..I was just in the sitting room seated kusorora tu nyumba.
After he was done ,he told me to go to his bedroom,change and take a warm bath..
Ama naeza kkuosha?he asked
Nooooo,wewe uneeza nipaka sabuni kwa macho..
This guy was clean,nyumba ilkua Safi au sjui Ni hio siku pekee but from the look of things,he was clean..
I went to his bedroom,msororo tu ndo wangu. I was checking if a gals stuff was there nisije kachapwa bure..I made my way to the bathroom..Took a warm shower and I was back..ilkua nmebeba nguo za kuchange after kuoga juu nljua nalala kwa Derrick tihihi..
I was done and Derrick knocked,can I come in gal?
When he was already in..8
Hmm u looking good Shein,he complimented
come kitchen tupike..
I went with him to the kitchen and something was boiling on the gas ..
He had prepared rice with chicken,so rice ndo ilkua inaiva,..Derrick started his games again..he was cheeky!
Food was ready and he served
The delicacy was mouth watering..
We finished eating and here were now.just the two of us.
Derrick?Dem yako Yuko wapi?
Shein me Sina Dem,madem wanamaliza tu pesa
Hata me nmekumalizia vile umebuy kuku?I joked
Noo si ivo wanaitisha pesa kila time,he added n Tena hawako loyal..
But men ndo hawako loyal Derrick,wanatamani kila kitu...
He pinched my nose as he moved closer to me 99
Derrick started talking with this deep voice ya ku arouse mtu(Don't immitate vifunny juu yake ilkua ile mambo mbaya)
Wuuuwiii this voice made my stomach butterflies ztoke halfterm...SHEIN,let me see your videos,now we were cuddling as we watched them videos, kidogo kidogo naskia mtu ananhemea kwa maskio na kuniuma viromantically..
Hmm,I made this sound.
Shein u know what beby?..cheiiii aty mbemby Tena!!
I love you!
Thanks dear,love u too friend...I zoned him
Suddenly he started kunidara tits ..while breathing soundly..
Makooo wacha kijana wa wenyewe aanze kufanya vitu faster faster, kissing my neck,my cheeks,my lips and now directing his hand kule Canaan!
Derrick?,mmmmmh anaitikia kwa kiss Derrick?mmmm
Ebu kiasi?
He stopped whatever games he was doing in the name of romancing...sema almost busting..Aki I saw everything as a joke but to him it was real romance hahaha
Unacheki vile kuku hutafuta chakula?hio haraka haraka ya kuchakura chini makucha ndo haraka Derrick alkua anankiss na kunshika shika..
He removed his trouser and remained with a boxer alone..
Makoo mtree imeangalia juu..
Derrick?but I thought I just came to see u and I go back?
But Shein know I always love you ever since..
Okay, Derrick..
Even before I finished,he started again..
Anyway may be this was his style of kissing rather romancing
Heheeeee Derrick amazed me with his fucking style..
Unhedhani anaumwa na tunyuki kwa rasa,ungedhani anakoroga uji wa wimbi kwa meko,sahio amejikunja Kama steel wool imetumika kusugulia sufuria na geisha....all this was visanga..how can just a handsome man like him fuck this bad!!!!! Nkt
ilibidi nipocket back my feelings.
He finished his kalongolongo as we slept..The next day,I prepared as we left, feeling disappointed in life.Hahahaa
Kweli si wote unao ona wanajua hi kazi
But we still chat with Derrick though sleep over nlkataaa