I remember every single time I got my ass whooped by my dad for possibly being gay. One time my arm almost got broken for being caught in a dress surrounded by a bunch of little white girls at daycare. Even the white lady that was in charge of watching all the kids thought I was precious. Lol. Today he's no longer around and me in a dress is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I'm sick and tired of people from my childhood, elders, maybe ignorant people telling me I'm "enjoying my life" and saying it as if they mean to say I'm making horrible choices. Im tired of the ones that grew up with me and still treat me like I'm a fucking burden or I can't even be around their kids. Fuck you. Fuck all the years you fucked with my brain and washed it every day. It goes deeper. This is just a sliver of what goes through my mind daily but instead I choose to post the positive. My thoughts are with anyone who needs someone, anyone to inspire them to look beyond a life like that. If anything, I wish I had known I was mostly surrounded with lies sooner. If you're black, gay, and queer or someone who falls on that spectrum I hope your exclusively unapologetic about living how you want as you are. black evening dresses