Did you know that "fragrance" is a term that houses over 3,000 chemicals - many of which have been directly linked to cancer?

How many products do you and your family use daily that has "fragrance" on the label?! Or a list of ingredients you cant even pronounce?!

These companies know it's unsafe and literally lie to trusting consumers right on the label. Increasing chances of cancer in exchange for money. Sacrificing brand new babies to the altar of GREED.


But guess what, moms? They're a business. It's their job to make money. They're doing their jobs. They're making money! It's OUR jobs to protect ourselves and our children. If we slather this crap on ourselves and our children, we don't get to claim ignorance when it has dire consequences. These companies suck, but they are not deceptive. The ingredients are right there on the bottle in plain sight. They fully disclose what they are doing. It's up to US to read them and decide if we want to use it. OUR job, not their job, to protect ourselves. backless or low-v evening party wears

The skin is the body's largest organ and EVERYTHING you put on it is absorbed on some level into it. It takes less than 30 seconds for these things to be found in every organ of your body once applied. American newborns are born with HUNDREDS of toxic chemicals in their umbilical cord blood that increases their risks of cancer and infertility and other struggles, DAY ONE of their lives. Set up for failure from before they take their first breaths.

You know a great way to "cure" cancer? Well for starters, we can stop doing things that cause it.

Come on, mamas. We care more than this. We are smarter than this!

AND.....this is true for WAY MORE than personal care products... lotions, toothpastes, shampoos, etc. It is true for the FOOD we eat, it is true for the "MEDICINES" we use, it is true for (gasp!) vaccines. Use discernment & wisdom. Your babies are precious and worth it.


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