How do you walk?
Making Yellow-Eyed Penguin feet impressions is indeed possible with a little bit of engineering ingenuity and creativity, a bag of fine sand and a hungry penguin.

Here our resident veterinarian, Rebecca Webster, who has just finished her 3 year residency with us at Wildbase and 4th year Massey University vet student, Natalia Dziegiel, encourage a Yellow-Eyed Penguin to walk through sand to leave impressions of its feet for a fishy reward.


The impressions left behind in the sand allowed us to take measurements of the distance between each foot step as well as the depth of the impression which revealed pressure points. The measurements from this little study will be one of many to come that we can use for comparisons when assessing placement of feet between non lame vs lame individuals that have suffered leg and feet injuries and consequently therefore put pressure on different parts of their legs and feet when walking. Dress Affordable wedding party bridesmaid collections in dusty rose

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