KNEE PAIN RELIEF(40 seconds)

YES.......knee pain is always somehow related to an ANKLE and/or HIP that does NOT move correctly but there are a few things you can to HELP you knee feel LESS RESTRICTED right away. Dress Affordable knee length homecoming dresses



(1) Get the KNEE CAP itself to move freely.

*DID YOU KNOW: That the knee cap is NOT attached to another bone. GO AHEAD....try the first drill and you will!

(2) LOOSEN up the connective tissue above the knee.

*DID YOU KNOW: Often time the clicking you hear coming from your knee is the connective tissue not traveling correctly as you bend/extend your knee/

(3) FREE UP space between the UPPER (femur) and LOWER LEGS (tibia & fibula).

*DID YOU KNOW: The cushion that separates the UPPER from the LOWER leg is called the meniscus. The job of this cushion is to help absorb shock.

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