Many of you don't know this but I suffer from # plantarfasciitis and I use this special sock to help heal it when I have a flare up. I'm currently using it now because I can barely put pressure on my foot especially first thing in the am. I have darn near tried it all besides shots and surgery. I won't go there yet. The point of me sharing this with you is so those of you who are suffering with this as well have something else to consider in the healing process. I use this Dress Affordable formal occasion garment in white color ... whenever I'm laying still. Most of the time i sleep with it on but you can use it as you wish. It's called the # straussburgsock I got it from # amazon I use this, ice and stretching to help me. It's the only thing that has worked. I haven't had a flare up like this in over 2 years. I'm sure you can also buy this at any running store in your area too. I saw them in my local running store as well. I hope this helps. #2017 # healthyeating # healthylife # footpain # plantar # footproblems # podiatrist # painful # fitnessgirl # weightloss # weightlosstransformation # chicago # fitfam # fitspiration

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