Do you know that Guys don't usually bleed after first intercourse, Dress Affordable flower girl dresses 2019
the ladies do.
The most common cause of bleeding after a
girl's first sexual intercourse is the rupture of
the hymen or corona. The hymen is a thin ...
membrane covering the vaginal canal. During
your first sexual encounter, it may rupture due
to penetration.
However, the rupture of the hymen is not the
only reason for this bleeding. It may also be due
to normal menstruation during a girl's first
sexual intercourse.
How to determine if the blood is from
menstruation or loss of virginity?
Blood from menstruation will be heavier and the
flow will last longer than blood resulting from
initial penetration of the hymen. Additionally,
blood from your period normally coincides with
other symptoms such as cramps and mood
swings, whereas blood from the loss of your
virginity is not accompanied by these symptom

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